Global network of experts working with communities to develop and implement innovative solutions to world's most complex challenges. AECOM design, builds, finance, operate and manages Projects and Programs. AECOM services not limited to concept design, detailed design, Project Consulting, Supervision Management for infrastructure Projects such as urban development, Roads & Bridge infrastructure, Seaport, Airport, sports utility facilities (stadium), Defense Projects, Hotels, Skyscraper buildings.

Design, Engineering, Manufacturing, Supply and Installation of API Storage Tanks, which includes Atmospheric Vertical Cylindrical Tanks (internal & external floating roof, domed roof), Storage Sphere Tanks.

Design, Engineering, Fabrication of all kinds of plant equipment’s such as Reactors, Columns, Pressure Vessels, Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers and Air Cooled Heat Exchangers.

  Rostfrei Steels (RSPL) manufacturer & supplier of Storage tanks, Storage Silos & Material Handling Equipment. RSPL manufacture wide range of Glass Fused Steel (GFS) tanks and Zinalumne teel Liner Storage tanks for various applications including storage of Potable water, Food & Beverage Grade material storage, Fire water (FM certified), Chlorinated, salt & Brackish water, Effluent and waste water (sludge holding, Aeration, Equalization tanks in STP), Bio-Digester tanks. RSPL one of the most renowned and trusted Manufacturers, Exporters and Suppliers of Compete system for Bulk Storage Silos for Solids (Grains) and Liquids.

Design and manufacturer of metal-seated, Absolute zeroleakage, severe service valve for the harshest applications. Metal seated Ball valves for Molecular sieve switching valves, Isolation valves, Valves for Pig Launcher/ receiver in slurry services, sour services. Valves for very high Pressure, High Temperature and cryogenic applications with Zero leakage meeting highest international leakage standards.

Manufacture of Reciprocating Gas / Air compressors for Process Industries in compliance to API 618 and also for all other industrial applications.

Engineering and construction of Fueling stations & CNG compressor package with comprehensive Fueling system.

H2O Biofouling Solutions provides Design, Engineer, supply of Biofouling Control Systems for the Power, Desalination, Oil & Gas Industry (land based and offshore). In addition, Biofouling Solutions delivers consultancy and monitoring devices for biofouling control in intake and cooling/service water systems.

Professional Tank jacking works around the world for major oil & gas, petrochemical companies. Verwater services provide value addition in terms of Safe working condition, Reduced downtime of the tank (with Short jacking time), Professional Jacking Method and more convenient working space in tank (no confined space).

Design, Engineering, Manufacturing and supply of complete Waste / Hazardous Waste management Plant with Incinerators for all kind of waste (industrial, Hazardous, Medical, Municipal wastes). System consists of Combustion Burner with Burner Management system & Process Control System, Energy Recover system, Fuel Gas Treatment Systems according to Industrial norms (European Union Environmental Norms). Intherma offers, Retrofit of Burner/ Incinerators/ Modification to Burner fuel, Mobile Incineration etc. Thermtech offer from Basic Engineering to complete Project Management.

ITT SpA is leading Italian company who is turnkey solution provider of design, manufacture and installation of reformers and fired heaters for global oil, gas and petrochemical Industries. Reformer Package for Hydrogen Units, Methanol and Ammonia Plants. Fired Heaters (crude oil heaters / charge heaters, vacuum heaters, Coker heaters/Hydrocracker Heaters / Hydro treater Heaters, Platforming Heaters, Preheaters, Hot oil heaters, Downtherm Heaters, Reboilers, Startup heaters / Regeneration Furnaces, Visbreaking Heaters, Ethylene Cracking Heaters / Ethane Cracking Heaters, Naptha Cracking Heaters) Air Preheating systems, Steam Generation Systems, Waste Heat Boilers and waste heat recovery sections, Energy conservation feasibility studies. Process Design Package and Revamping of existing Heaters, Site erection, After sales support.

KP Engineers & Contractor / India : Zero Flare system/ Flare Gas Recovery System/ Specialized Engineering services for Oil & gas industry (onshore & Offshore) / EPIC Contractor.

Designersmanufacture and supplier of optimal helipads (aluminum Helideck) over any structure for rooftop and offshore heliports to fits with the full range of helicopters on the market. the design meets the ICAO or FAA standards. Also offer complementary services, such as consulting, environmental short memory, project management and legalization of facilities`.

Design Engineer range of Vacuum System solution for Vapor recovery or Vacuum distillation. Provide Vacuum drying services for Oil & gas pipelines on site.

Air Blowers for Waste Water Treatment Plant, Cement Plants & Pneumatic Conveying

Gear Pumps for Oil, Bituman, Grease etc transfer application. Packaging of above equipment as per customer need.


Design, Engineer and supply of ON Grid / OFF Grid Solar Power System packages.

Inspection services for Hydrocarbon sectors and other infrastructure sectors. Having all kinds of Conventional & Advanced inspection services, Laboratory tests, Plant Integrity management systems (Remaining Life Assessment (RLA), Risk Based Inspection (RBI) etc) and Project QA/QC managements.

Industrial Steam Boilers, Deaerators, Oily water treatment systems, Chemical Injection packages, Filtration skids, Gas conditioning skid, Custody Flow metering skid, Odorizing package, Pressure Reduction & Monitoring Skid and all other Process skids.

Line Pipes for Onshore / Offshore application in Oil & Gas sectors including all type of Pipe coating (CWC, FBE, DFBE, 3LPE, 3LPP coatings).




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